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Our Review of Stansted Airport (STN)

Our Review of Stansted Airport (STN)

At Plan Your Trips, we have analyzed hundreds of airports around the world, gaining a clear understanding of what users expect when visiting an airport. With this know-how, we have created this guide, placing passengers at the forefront of everything, aiming to simplify and enhance the airport experience.

In this guide, our goal is to present information in a manner that is both quick and reliable. Recognizing that passengers often have limited time and may be in a hurry, we strive to ensure that they do not waste time unnecessarily.

Another key focus of our guide is to highlight the strengths of the airport and also the weaknesses, and in some cases, offer recommendations to travelers. In alignment with this approach, we provide users with aggregated information on delays and on-time performance, analyzing both airlines and individual flights.

Pros and Cons of Stansted Airport (STN)


Location: London Stansted Airport (STN) is located at Stansted Mountfitchet, in the municipality of Uttlesford, Essex county, 68 km (42 miles) northeast of Central London.

Hub: Stansted Airport (STN) is a hub for Ryanair and a focus city for, Ryanair UK and TUI Airways.

Efficient Operations: The airport is known for its efficient security processes, with generally short waiting times outside of peak travel periods. The streamlined check-in and baggage handling systems contribute to a smoother travel experience.

Terminal Amenities: Stansted has a wide range of contemporary amenities to meet the needs of its varied passenger base, including a large number of stores, eateries, and bars. The terminal is roomy and well-designed, providing a cozy setting.



Distance from Central London: Although the airport has excellent transportation connections, its distance from Central London can make journey times longer than at other London airports, which may not be as convenient for some travellers.

Capacity Constraints: Like many busy airports, Stansted can become crowded during peak travel periods, leading to longer wait times and a potentially stressful experience for travellers.

High Parking Costs: On-site parking can be costly, especially for long-term stays. Travelers might need to book in advance to get better rates.

Terminal Layout: Even if the terminal layout is modern and roomy, first-time travellers may find it confusing at times. For this reason, passengers should be provided with clear instructions and information to help them navigate the airport effectively.

Mini-Guide of the Airport (2' Guide)

Single Terminal: Stansted Airport has a single passenger terminal composed by three satellite buildings, divided into the Check-in and Domestic Arrivals hall, the International Arrivals and Departures and the Departures Lounge.

Transport to and from London: Stansted Airport has good transportation connections to London and other areas. The Stansted Express train is a dependable and frequent service that arrives at London Liverpool Street in 45 to 50 minutes. There are connections to different areas of London and other locations via Terravision and National Express buses. Although they can be more expensive, private transfer services and taxis are available. If you’re driving, the M11 freeway connects you to the airport, and there are several parking alternatives.

Check-in Areas: The check-in area at Stansted is located in the main terminal (A to J). There are numerous self-service kiosks, airline counters, and bag drop points. Security control is situated near the check-in area, and it is generally efficient, though it can be busy during peak travel times.

Shopping and Dining: After security, you’ll find a wide range of shops and restaurants in the departure lounge. Popular stores include Duty-Free, Boots, and WHSmith. Dining options range from quick bites at Pret a Manger to sit-down meals at Wetherspoon’s and Giraffe. There are also several bars and cafes for pre-flight relaxation.

Lounges: There are several lounges at Stansted, such as the Escape Lounge and the No1 Lounge. These lounges offer comfortable seating, complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi, and a quiet environment to relax before your flight. Access can be purchased online or at the airport.

Other Amenities: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal. The airport also offers business services, charging stations, and prayer rooms.

How we calculate On Time Performance

On various pages of our website, you will encounter a metric widely utilized in aviation and other forms of transportation known as OTP (On Time Performance). We believe that providing this metric assists passengers in planning their trips and exploring alternatives before purchasing their flight tickets.

We calculate the On Time Performance for all flights and airlines, when we have enough data to do so. In certain instances, it may not be feasible to accurately compute the On-Time Performance for a specific flight or airline due to inadequate or non-representative data, which could result in misleading conclusions.

Our calculation of On Time Performance and delay information solely relies on arrival times. This approach is chosen over calculating departure delays, as we consider arrival punctuality to be of primary concern to passengers.

The On Time Performance displayed on our website is calculated as follows:

  • On Time: Flights that arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time, or earlier. In the absence of data for a specific flight, we assume the flight arrives on time, to avoid penalizing airlines for data unavailability.
  • Moderate Delay: Flights that arrive with a delay of 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Significant Delay: Flights that arrive with a delay of 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Major Delay: Flights that arrive with a delay exceeding 60 minutes.
  • Average Delay: The average delay is calculated by considering flights that arrive early as having a delay of 0 minutes. Early arrivals do not contribute to reducing the average delay calculation

Some Stats

Annual Passengers Evolution

Airlines with more flight operations (last 3 months)


67% (Total flights analyzed: 16517)

10% (Total flights analyzed: 2461)

Ryanair UK

8% (Total flights analyzed: 2044)


4% (Total flights analyzed: 1001)

Pegasus Airlines

2% (Total flights analyzed: 614)

Airlines with best on-time performance at Stansted Airport (last 3 months)

Considering all airlines:


100% (Total flights analyzed: 8)


96% (Total flights analyzed: 91)

Royal Jordanian

90% (Total flights analyzed: 48)


81% (Total flights analyzed: 182)


75% (Total flights analyzed: 67)


73% (Total flights analyzed: 26)


70% (Total flights analyzed: 1001)

Considering only airlines with more than 10 flights/week:


81% (Total flights analyzed: 182)


70% (Total flights analyzed: 1001)

Pegasus Airlines

68% (Total flights analyzed: 614)


64% (Total flights analyzed: 321)

61% (Total flights analyzed: 2461)


60% (Total flights analyzed: 16517)

Ryanair UK

55% (Total flights analyzed: 2044)


54% (Total flights analyzed: 149)

Routes with more flights from Stansted Airport (last month)

Dublin - DUB (Ireland): 242
Istanbul - SAW (Turkey): 215
Palma de Mallorca - PMI (Spain): 197
Edinburgh - EDI (United Kingdom): 175
Belfast - BFS (United Kingdom): 167
Antalya - AYT (Turkey): 148
Alicante - ALC (Spain): 136
Rome - CIA (Italy): 129
Tenerife - TFS (Spain): 121
Budapest - BUD (Hungary): 120